Our next Rotary Geelong West Book Fair - 17,18,19 Feb 2023

Posted on Aug 15, 2022
Rotary Geelong West is pleased to announce that our next Book Fair will be held over the weekend of 17-19 February, 2023. The doors will open at 9.00am each day running through to 6.00pm on Friday, 5.00pm on Saturday and 2.00pm on Sunday, at GEELONG WEST TOWN HALL (Pakington Street).
Over the next few months, the Rotary Geelong West Team has will be sorting through books from all genres, which will be available at incredible prices. In August 2022, we received over 2,500 guests to the event and raised close to $30,000 for various charities - this is one of the best results recorded! Each of our Book Fair contributions make up the major fundraising event for the Rotary Club of Geelong West, which so far has raised over $150,000 that has been channelled back through our Rotary Club’s supported projects such as Barwon Health Patient Transport, Samaritan House, Operation Newstart, Christ Church Meals Program, Barwon Valley School and Geelong Youth Engagement, not to mention all of the many smaller charitable programs that have been assisted by Rotary Club grants each year.
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Self Care Sunday Geelong

Posted on Oct 31, 2018
Self-Care Sunday supported by WorkSafe is a community festival that has been created to educate and inspire the people of Geelong around the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle and prioritising self-care on a regular basis in order to prevent physical and mental health issues. 

All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to local charities organisations that enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of our community.  
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Self Care Sunday Geelong Stair Race Report

Posted on Oct 31, 2018
In inaugural Self Care Sunday Stair Climb took place on 28 October 2018 in Geelong. SCA’s Jason Williams car pooled with Maria Pia Piemontese to travel over from Melbourne to take part.

We were so excited to find out only a few weeks ago that there was a stair race happening in Geelong. The local Rotary Club saw the new WorkSafe building being constructed and thought it would be a great idea to have a race up it as a fundraiser.  Jump ahead a few months and the event had grown into Self Care Sunday with the stair race one part of a larger event.


Self Care Sunday Geelong Stair Race Report Jason Williams Vice President Stair Climbing Australia 2018-10-30 13:00:00Z 0