Posted on Oct 31, 2018
Self-Care Sunday supported by WorkSafe is a community festival that has been created to educate and inspire the people of Geelong around the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle and prioritising self-care on a regular basis in order to prevent physical and mental health issues. 

All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to local charities organisations that enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of our community.  

The 2019 WorkSafe Self-Care Sunday Wellness Festival was the first event of its kind in Geelong. 

Playing host to an array of health and wellbeing activities, catering to all ages and physical capabilities, the event aims to educate our wider community on the positive impact regular physical activity, healthy eating and participating in community programs has on your overall mental wellbeing. 

WorkSafe Building Stair Climb

Have you got what it takes to climb to the top of the town?

For one day only WorkSafe are opening their doors and giving you the opportunity to climb the cities tallest building.

It's a great excuse to take in the incredible views of the city or challenge a friend and see who can race the 264 steps the quickest!

Whether you want to compete to be the fastest competitor or leisurely make your way to the top we have you covered.

The stair climb is a family-friendly activity that caters to all fitness levels. For participants who are unable to or don't desire to climb the stairs, we encourage you to catch the lift up to level 12 and take in the amazing views our city has to offer!


Live Cooking Demonstrations

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and it definitely doesn’t have to be hard. Through our live cooking demonstrations we aim to help you put the fun back into mealtime. 
Come along and join in on our live cooking demonstrations held at Johnstone Park. You will learn some new tips and tricks that will help make mealtime's exciting again, make healthy eating achievable and most importantly enjoyable! 
Demonstrations by: 
  • Celebrity Chef, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Luke Hines will be hosting a Smart Carbs cooking demonstration
  • Geelong favourite healthy Dad, School Lunch Box Dad will be showing you how to prepare a wholesome and nourishing lunch for your little ones

Move Your Body 

Movement is a key contributor to our mental wellbeing, by participating in regular physical activity you release endorphins (the happy hormone) which has a direct effect on the way we feel. Experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day and through our sweat sessions we’ll show you an array of activities that will help you enjoy getting moving.  
Sweat Sessions by: 
  • Co-Founders of KIC, Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith, their online program incorporates exercise, clean eating and mindfulness practices and they will be hosting a fun, engaging workout from their program
  • Upstate Yoga will guide you through yoga and meditation classes that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world.
  • Join in with Geelong West’s F45 innovative team training, guaranteed to leave you gasping for air (and seriously sweating).


Motivational Talks

Be inspired while learning tips and tricks to help take control of your life and conquer your health and wellness goals. Our live talks will play host to an array of industry leaders, who will share their knowledge on the importance of prioritising movement, healthy eating and regular self-care practices.
The Lineup: 
  • Melissa Ambrosini: best selling author and self-love guru
  • Laura Henshaw & Steph Claire Smith: Models and co-founders of KIC
  • Luke Hines: Celebrity Chef, PT and Nutritional Practitioner
  • Strive to Thrive: empowering people to get back to work after cancer

Wellness Market

Stroll through our wellness market that will be home to some of our regions leading health and wellbeing products. All stalls have been hand picked to ensure that everything is 100% natural and actually good for you!

Healthy Food Trucks

No need to pack your lunch - our selection of healthy food trucks will be serving up some wholesome food that caters to all appetites.